• Go girl, teach him a lesson. Tear him apart! >> Bloody Encounter
  • Shannon is on fire. I love her costume. >> Ring of Fire
  • @Shahrazad hahaha... She didn't give him any space to breathe. Those punches were fire! >> The Neck
  • Man, you have been left in the woods for the dead...sad huh. >> Busted In
  • Wow! I wonder where she gets her energy. She's an incredible fighter. >> Fury and Power
  • Brutal! >> Double Damage
  • He screamed "I give up" hahaha... She was too tough for him to handle >> Quick Spar
  • Ouch, his neck...Sage is out of his league. amazing fight. >> Done Deal
  • He just can't handle it, can he? >> Shock and Awe
  • Show me your ways girl and I will gladly follow! >> Not Just A Woman
  • He doesn't even stay for one minute against her! Amazing fight!! >> Fury and Power
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Ironnoise Top Ten Sexy Beatdowns

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Capable fighters.

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Impossible to resist.